Photo galleries

Here are some of my personal photo galleries:

Summer (2009): Some random summer photos.
Tahoe (2009): Family trip to lake Tahoe.
Vika’s Birthday (2009): A couple of photos.
Diversity Day (2009): Annual Diversity Day at Intel Folsom campus.
Tennis (2009): A short tennis practice in the park.
Old Sacramento (2009): Trip to downtown and Old Sac with friends and family.
Family (2009): Family photos.
Victoria (2009): Photos of Vika (and us).
Accident (2009): The remains of our beloved Mazda Protege after Alexa got into an accident.

Christmas (2008): Family and friends around Christmas time.
Family (2008): Family photos.
Friends (2008): Some photos of friends and family.
Baby Victoria (2008): First shots of Victoria (from birth to recent photos). [Private *]
Intel Diversity Day (2008): Intel Diversity Day celebration in 2008 (at Folsom campus).
San Francisco (2008): Day trip to San Francisco with family and friend.

Family (2007): Family photos.
Friends (2007): Friends and family.
Intel Diversity Day (2007): Intel Diversity Day celebration in 2007 (at Folsom campus).

Family (2006): Random family photos.
Friends (2006): Friends and family.
Sacramento (2006): Some family photos from Sacramento downtown and Old Sacramento.
Santa Barbara (2006): With Julie in Santa Barbara.
San Diego (2006): With Julie in San Diego.
Los Angeles (2006): With Julie in Los Angeles.
Wedding (2006): Some photos from the wedding album.

ESL Class (2005): Julie’s ESL class.
Intel Diversity Day (2005): Intel Diversity Day celebration in 2005 (at Folsom campus).
Fort Ross (2005): With Russian-speaking Intel friends at the annual cultural event.
Seattle (2005): Business trip to Microsoft.
Family (2005): Random family photos.
Monterey (2005): Weekend at Monterey with friends.

Russia (2004): Some photos from sabbatical in Russia; mostly trip to Saint Petersburg with Julie and Sasha.

Christmas (2003): Friends visit on Christmas and New Year; trip to San Francisco.
Yosemite (2003): Trip to Yosemite.
New York City (2003): Vacation in New York.

Mono Lake (2002): Weekend at Mono Lake by Yosemite.
British Columbia (2002): Vacation in Canada (British Columbia, Alberta).

Italy (2001): Trip to a friends’ wedding in Italy (Positano, Sorrento, Capri, Rome, and Florence).

* This is a private photo set open to friends and family only. If you are a friend or family member and want to see the photos, send me a message with your Yahoo! ID, and I’ll give you access (you may need to create a free Yahoo! ID if you do not have one).

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