Best of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

It looks like more observers think that CNN should surrender its “the most trusted name in news” motto to Comedy Central. Although Comedy Central often goes overboard and slips from funny and intelligent to dumb and vulgar, when it comes to exposing stupidity, corruption, and incompetence of the government and policy makers, few programs do it better than The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. If you like The Daily Show, you should enjoy the following episodes (there may be a couple of episodes from the Colbert Report spin-off as well):

Fox News: The New Liberals: Fox News turns into the liberal media by defending protesters, criticizing the president and shoving its values down America’s throat (8:34).
Healther Skelter: Enraged Americans use town hall meetings to voice their anger over the health care process, and Sarah Palin speaks out against Obama’s plan to kill her baby (7:15).
Jason Jones: Behind the Veil – Ayatollah You So: Jason Jones plays “Jihad Walking” in Iran and America to find out which country knows more about the other (5:09).
Heal or No Heal: Barack Obama warns that if the American government doesn’t fix its health care system, Americans could face a multi-million dollar bailout (4:34)
Drag Me to Health – Universal Health Care: Sam Bee and John Oliver argue over whose country has the worst universal health care system, while Wyatt Cenac is thankful to be an uninsured American (4:14).
CPAC After Party: The CPAC derides veterans, and calls for the annihilation of an American city to save us from unpatriotic Democrats (7:04).
Felonious Monkeys: Congressman Rob Bishop owns no monkeys, but he opposes the monkey transport ban (6:36).
Optimist Prime: Barack Obama may be too optimistic about his goals for the future of America (5:23).
Unusual Suspect: Jason Jones learns that when a galvanizing leader captures the public’s imagination, he’s either Hitler or the Antichrist (5:26).
End Times Countdown – Bush Exit Interviews: Charlie Gibson asks George W. Bush about his presidential “uh-oh moments” (6:49).
Baracknophobia – Post-Election Edition: There’s fear in the air as American gun shops see an enormous increase in sales after Obama is elected (3:29), followed by Obama and Hitler: You’d have to be a madman not to see that Barack Obama is incredibly similar to Hitler (4:38).
Community Organizers: If only community organizers’ shameful behavior stopped at drug dealing and rigging elections (5:45).
Understanding Real America in Wasilla: After a few days in Wasilla, Jason Jones understands what real America is all about (4:47).
Pfriend or Pfoe?: Even if John McCain doesn’t get elected, he’ll still be president of the real America that matters (5:16).
John McCain’s Big Acceptance Speech: Surely, the change John McCain wants to bring to Washington is different than the change George W. Bush wanted to bring (8:40).
John McCain: Reformed Maverick: John McCain’s bio film shows him through the wild years up to abandoning everything he’s always stood for (4:32).
Small Town Values: The most respectful and wholesome news team finds out what small town values really mean at the RNC (4:26).
Bristol Palin’s Choice: Bristol Palin has made the decision to have her baby, but Samantha Bee tries to remember another word for it (3:28).
Sarah Palin – Vet This!: Sarah Palin proves she has Wikipedia, and denigrates community service (8:42).
Sarah Palin Gender Card: We should not even be talking about Sarah Palin because it’s sexist (5:43).
Hurricane Gustav Relief: While the Republican leadership races to the Gulf Coast to show their empathy, their delegates are left abandoned in the Xcel Center (3:21).
John McCain Chooses a Running Mate: Sarah Palin may be the ideological opposite of Hillary Clinton, but she’s her gynecological twin (4:42).
Russo-Georgian Conflict: The Russia-Georgia conflict is a chance for our presidential nominees to get inside the commander-in-chief simulator and play a little make-believe (4:39).
Dick Move of the Week – McCain Attacks: John McCain thanks the Hilton family for their support. Now if you’ll excuse him, he’s got to take a nationally televised dump on their daughter (9:55).
Clinton vs. Obama Philadelphia Debate Review: Stephen Colbert believes that ABC did a great job with the one-on-one Clinton vs. Obama Democratic debate, and so does ABC (3:19; for the most interesting part, watch from 2:20).
Bush Truly Happy: Jon shows footage of Bush on the Wright standing mower, which combines the popularity of mowing your lawn with the fun of standing (4:07).
Jonah Goldberg: National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg argues for the rise of Liberal Fascism in the U.S. (6:37).
Bush’s Future Tense: President Bush addresses the troops while visiting the Middle East and predicts the end of history (2:37).
Kids’ Healthcare Veto: President Bush’s veto of the children’s health care bill takes him into cartoon villain status (4:56).
Chris Mathews: Jon Stewart gives Chris Mathews the worst interview of his life (6:35).
Keys to Success: Using his eight keys for success, John Hodgman redefines failure in Iraq (6:26).
Stephen H. Hayes: Jon responds to Dick Cheney biographer about Bush administration’s handling of dissenting opinions (8:24).
Even Dick Don’t Know Dick: Dick Cheney has so many secrets that not even Dick knows Dick as the 1994 Dick Cheney can attest (2:47).
President Bush in His Own Words: The President struggles to bring higher thought down to the masses (4:38).
Exper Tease: Jon finds out exactly what President Bush is and is not in terms of areas of expertise (3:23).
Eight Men Out: John Oliver remembers what happened the last time Karl Rove swore to tell the truth under oath (3:48).
Doris Kearns Goodwin: Jon summons historian Doris Kearns Goodwin to help settle score with Jon Bolton (4:43).
John Bolton: Jon takes the former U.N. ambassador to task about the Bush administration’s lack of transparency (8:24).
Pleasure of the President: “At the Pleasure of the President” is a lousy talking point, but a GREAT romance novel (2:39).

More clips from The Daily Show:
Video clips from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


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