Ballet, ballet…

Do you like ballet? Ladies? Gentl… I mean, ladies? If you do, here are some clips you may enjoy:

Maya Plisetskaya: Camille Saint-Saens “The Dying Swan” (3:16)
Maya Plisetskaya: Bach “Prelude”(6:38)
Maya Plisetskaya: Ravel “Bolero” (Part 1) (9:49)
Maya Plisetskaya: Ravel “Bolero” (Part 2) (9:54)
Polina Semyonova: Herbert Groenemeyer “Demo” (from album “Mensch”) (6:38)

If you like Maya Plisetskaya and speak Russian, check out this interview:

Part 1 (9:45)
Part 2 (9:43)
Part 3 (9:46)
Part 4 (9:36)
Part 5 (9:18)
Part 6 (4:14)

OK, gentlemen, here is something you could enjoy:

Maski Show: Camille Saint-Saens “The Dying Swan” (5:29)


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