“Ghosts of Rwanda” or “Hotel Rwanda”

It’s always a bummer when you read an interesting book and then watch a movie, which does not quite meet your expectations. Maybe this is why, after seeing “Ghosts of Rwanda” (a great documentary produced by PBS), I could not bring myself to watch “Hotel Rwanda”, a move based on the same story. Even though most critics and movie goers gave it favorable reviews, I was afraid that the movie would spoil the effect of the documentary.

Nevertheless, I recently read an old post written by Scott Hanselman in which he recommended the movie, and knowing Scott’s interest and knowledge of Africa, I thought I would give it a try. After watching the movie, I can say that I liked it as well. I did not pick such subtleties mentioned by Scott as inconsistencies in names, languages, and dialects, although I suspect that being produced by Westerners for Western audiences, the movie is not 100% authentic; however, I think it is a great movie, which tells a fascinating and moving story, and it does it well.

Between the two — the move and the documentary — I still like the documentary better, so for those who saw only of them, I recommend watching the other. You should not be disappointed.


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